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powered by OST on Ethereum
achieved +70k wallets on layer-2

Your key, your tokens, your data.
Simple to own, simple to recover.

Wallet Recovery

Integrate a self-custodial contract wallet SDK into your mobile app (iOS/Android). Support multiple devices and secure access recovery with a 6-digit PIN.

see github
OST chain

Move ERC20 tokens and messages securely between Ethereum chains with Merkle proofs. OST chain runs your EVM contracts on layer-2 for cheap gas costs.

see github
OpenST Platform

OpenST Platform provides a backend to relay meta-transactions signed by the user in your app to the OST chain. Pay for your users gas fees.

see github
Utility Tokens

Issue tokens on layer-1 Ethereum, then settle transactions inside your application on layer-2. Define contract rules on how your token behaves within your app.

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